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This issue ranges widely, from a warning about our recently published ATM hack to a look at a pending lawsuit against Microsoft for thoroughly unpleasant behavior. Also check out reviews of four Internet books, the free Macintosh Hardware System Update and a MODE32-like Enabler, an upgrade to AppleShare 3.0.1, CE's Test Drive program for user groups, humorous notes from Macworld SF, and an open letter concerning Apple's questionable policy on repair parts.


  • MailBITS/15-Feb-93
  • Font Folder Hack Warning
  • CE Test Drives User Groups
  • LaserWriter Pro 600 Upgraded
  • Apple's Unfair Parts Policy
  • AppleShare 3.0.1 Upgrade
  • Macworld Quotes
  • Apple Software Enhancements
  • DOS 6.0 and Compression?
  • Internet Books, In Review
  • Reviews/15-Feb-93

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