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Now Utilities Information

Now Utilities 2.03
Now Software, Inc.
520 SW Harrison, Suite 435
Portland, OR 97201
503/274-0670 (fax)
CPBaker on America Online


8 Penguins out of a possible 10

Summary: -- Now Utilities combines a number of former shareware and freeware INITs, cdevs, and applications into a single coherent package of system enhancing utilities. About half of the utilities included are excellent - and Super Boomerang alone is worth the purchase price - while the other half may or may not be useful to you but do not decrease the value or utility of the set. The package has a few rough spots and a few limitations, but on the whole has been well done.

User Evaluation: (on a scale of 0 to 10)

Number of responses: 7
Ease of installation: 8
Ease of learning: 7
Ease of use: 8
Power & usefulness: 9
Documentation: 7
Technical support: 8
Overall evaluation: 9

Price and Availability: -- The Now Utilities is widely available from dealers and mail order firms. It has a list price of $129 and the MacConnection price is $75 (we quote the MacConnection price in recognition of its industry-leading efforts to use ecologically-conscious packaging and its overall excellent service).


Adam C. Engst, TidBITS Editor