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Apple's PowerShare software (the server component that can be used with the PowerTalk client software) will no longer include a copy of System 7 Pro in the box, effective today. The server software will require (but will not include) System 7.5 with PowerTalk installed. Some sites use PowerTalk in its basic peer-to-peer form, which requires no server, but others find the PowerShare server useful. [MHA]

Why meet in person? Bittco Solutions is now shipping Co-motion 1.5 and the new Co-motion Lite. Co-motion enables users at different locations to engage in brainstorming and decision-making sessions, using most any network as a communication conduit (including the Internet over a TCP connection). Co-motion 1.5 adds many new features, including features for enhanced personal interactions, organizing information, and navigation. Co-motion Lite is shareware, and makes it possible to see how Co-motion works at a low cost. [TJE]

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