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TelePort Details

A New Kind of Modem

by Mark H. Anbinder

"Now this is a Macintosh peripheral!"
- John Sculley
TelePort Modem and TelePort/Fax Modem
Global Village Communications
1204 O'Brien Drive
Menlo Park, CA 94025
415/329-0755 Customer Support
415/329-0767 Fax
America Online: GLOBALVILL


8 Penguins out of a possible 10

Summary: -- Introduced in the fall of 1990, the TelePort broke Macintosh convention by being the first peripheral other than a keyboard or pointing device to take advantage of the Apple Desktop Bus. Almost a year later, here's a look at this still-innovative modem.

Hardware & Software Requirements: -- The TelePort modem works fine on any Mac with ADB, in other words, the Macintosh SE and up. Compatible with System 6 and 7.

Price and Availability: -- The TelePort is widely available from dealers and mail order firms, and MacConnection sells it for $139. The TelePort/Fax is slightly more at $185. (Note that we quote the MacConnection price in recognition of its industry-leading efforts to use ecologically-conscious packaging and its overall excellent service.)


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