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The URL for the TidBITS World-Wide Web home page has changed slightly due to some changes on the server. It is now:

Internet Providers! -- In an attempt to provide more complete information about Internet providers in the second edition of Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh, I'm seeking information about providers around the world who are not listed in Peter Kaminski's excellent PDIAL list. (To request a copy of the PDIAL list, send email to <> with "Send PDIAL" in the Subject line.)

I'll post the results to the net as well, and feel free to forward this to providers who might not otherwise see it. Please send me <> four (and only four) pieces of information:

  • Provider name

  • Your <> address for additional information

  • Your voice phone number

  • A list of the area codes you cover for local access (and the country if outside the U.S.) [ACE]

Pythaeus notes in relation to our question about what happens to the LC line now that Performas can be sold into the higher education channel that the LC line (including a new one numbered 636, so they're not ditching the line entirely) will stick around only in the K-12 market. Curious. [ACE]