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AOL Mirror Site Opens -- America Online continues to show that it intends to be a serious member of the Internet community with its latest service, a large FTP mirror site. Most of the other commercial Internet providers have concentrated their efforts on providing Internet services to their customers, thus increasing the load on the Internet without giving anything back. We applaud AOL's move to give something back to the Internet; the Internet has always operated on a high level of cooperation, and it's nice to see a commercial service like AOL pitch in.

The AOL FTP mirror site says, "This site is made available for Internet users to access the AOL service remote FTP sites mirror array. America Online users should access these archives through the "FTP" keyword on the service." They also note that if your FTP client uses the "PASV" command for establishing the data connect when getting a file, you risk colliding with their Internet firewall (and hanging the connection).

Current mirrors include:

/pub/cica (Windows files)
/pub/guitar (guitar info and tablature)
/pub/info-mac (Info-Mac Archive)
/pub/mac (Umich Mac Archive)
/pub/rtfm (FAQ files)

FullWrite Update and Demo -- If you've never tried FullWrite 2.0, now is your chance - Akimbo Systems has released a demo version. If you already use FullWrite 2.0 or 2.0.1, now is the time to get the 2.0.2 update. The update fixes an assortment of problems, and from the look of the change history, makes FullWrite an all-around more robust program. The change history also mentions a few extension conflicts and suggests updates and fixes. Akimbo has released the update as a patching program, and you can find it on most online services. The update is also available on a floppy disk for a $7.50 shipping and handling charge.

FullWrite users should also note that last fall Akimbo Systems released a Learn Selection extension, which enables FullWrite to add batches of words to a FullWrite 2.0 user dictionary and to convert FullWrite 1.7 user dictionaries into FullWrite 2.0 user dictionaries. [TJE]

Akimbo Systems -- 800/375-6515 -- 617/776-5512 (fax)
-- <> -- <>

Peter Lewis <> writes in regard to fingering for earthquake information:

You can also just paste Finger URLs into Finger 1.5.0 [Peter's Finger MacTCP-based Finger client], or, if you see them in a Usenet news posting that you're reading with NewsWatcher, you can just Command-click the URL to pass the URL to Finger. A Finger URL looks like:


Carsten Klapp <> writes:

Our online service is in the process of starting up a NewtonGifts file distribution system similar to MacGifts <>, which forwards freeware and shareware Macintosh file submissions to an interested group of FTP sites and BBSes.

If your FTP site or BBS is interested in participating, either as a re-forwarder or just as a subscriber, please contact me.

Please note that this is only for Internet FTP sites and BBSes with a direct link to the Internet. Our site does not have the facilities for NewtonGifts to be a mailing list for the general public.

If you wish to submit a Newton-related file to NewtonGifts, please send it to <>.