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New Versions of BBEdit Lite and BBEdit

by Tonya Engst <>

BBEdit, a popular text editor and text-based HTML authoring tool, has matured greatly over the past years, and this most recent round of updates includes several valuable features and fixes.

The freeware BBEdit Lite, now at version 3.5, fixes bugs and offers several improvements including full-featured text wrapping, improved Find and Preferences dialog box, and fancier Get Info options (like character, word, line, and page counts). BBEdit Lite also now has PowerPC code in its core text engine.

The full BBEdit is commercial, but version 3.5.1 comes as a free update to registered 3.5 owners. The new version corrects a number of bugs, offers an impressive list of minor interface improvements, and can be more easily controlled by AppleScript and Frontier. According to Bare Bones, the new version also comes with a "dramatically improved" Replace All function. If you own a commercial version of BBEdit 3.5, you can download the update and apply it to your copy.

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