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TelePort Conclusions

John Sculley, in his keynote speech at the last San Francisco Macworld Expo, held up a TelePort, and announced that it was the most Mac-like Macintosh peripheral he'd ever seen. Because it takes advantage of a purely Macintosh way of communicating with the computer, it's particularly innovative. MacUser agrees with Mr. Sculley; the same week, they awarded the TelePort the 1990 Editor's Choice Award for best communications product.

While the TelePort has its imperfections, I must agree that it is the most innovative communications product recently introduced for the Macintosh. It's a very functional modem; the software seems to be very stable (it runs 24 hours a day on Memory Alpha BBS!); and it's very easy to set up and operate. If you are considering buying a modem for your Macintosh (SE or later; it will not work with a Plus or earlier), you should consider the TelePort.