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TidBITS browsing macro

by Ian Feldman --

Those of you that read the weekly issues using the "rn" program (under Unix) may now be able to browse, jumping directly from topic to topic with the help of a special rnmacro. Simply add the following 4 lines to the ".rnmac" file in your home directory (or, if there isn't one, create it first with "cat > .rnmac^M^D"):

 # jump forward to next TidBITS.etx topic/ subhead/ subsubhead;
 # replace the ^M string last in the macro with an embedded carriage
 # return (control-V, control-M in the shell or C-q C-m in emacs)
 V       %(%m=p?g^[^-= [(>]^M)

From now on typing an uppercase V (mnemonic for ARROW DOWN) will jump to next topic or subtopic in TidBITS. Subsequent jumps may be commanded either with G (repeat last-defined search pattern) or V. Sadly, it only works forward in the text, not backwards. Should there be a real rnmacro expert among you then you're welcome to enhance it further still. Also, in the process, make it use the "d" half-screen scroll option instead of current full-screen one (to speed things up).