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View the documentApple Introduces New Hardware and Software
View the documentMacintosh PowerBook Duos
View the documentPowerBook 160 and 180
View the documentPowerBook 160 and 180 RAM Issue
View the documentMacintosh IIvi and IIvx
View the documentMacintosh Color Display
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We started writing an article about Apple's new stuff, and it took hold and grew into a full special issue. Past issues contain some of the basic information about the new machines and policies as well, so we held ourselves to writing about new topics and details unknown until this point. This is good stuff, so read on if you want to understand Apple's new machines and software.


  • Apple Introduces New Hardware and Software
  • Macintosh PowerBook Duos
  • PowerBook 160 and 180
  • PowerBook 160 and 180 RAM Issue
  • Macintosh IIvi and IIvx
  • Macintosh Color Display
  • AppleCD 300
  • System 7.1
  • QuickTime 1.5
  • New List Prices

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