La radio au service du monde rural des pays ACP. (CTA, 1995, 64 p.)
close this bookLa radio au service du monde rural des pays ACP. (CTA, 1995, 64 p.)
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In 1989, following preparatory studies, the CTA, in collaboration with Cierro (the Ouagadougou inter-African centre for rural radio studies), and with Gret, brought together in Ouagadougou some twenty heads of rural radio stations and agricultural information services from ACP countries. In 1991, in the light of the recommendations made by these professionals of agricultural and rural radiophonic information, the CTA launched a programme of activities including:

· Organising regional basic and advanced training sessions in seeking and using agricultural and rural scientific and technical information (STI) in radiophonic productions aimed at the rural world. These workshops respond to a strong demand from radio broadcasters in ACP countries. Eight training workshops, on behalf of ACP countries, have been organised by Gret, Media projects (Wren) and Cierro in collaboration with various local partners:

· for central francophone Africa in Zaire, at Sevoza, the training studio of the voice of Zaire;

· for southern anglophone Africa in Zambia, at Zamcom, the Zambia Institute of Mass Communication;

· for eastern anglophone Africa in Kenya, at Kimc, the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication;

· for western francophone Africa in Niger, at Iftic, the Institute for Training in techniques of information and communication;

· for western anglophone Africa in Ghana at the GBC, the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation; for francophone Indian Ocean in Mauritius, at the Mauritius College of the Air (MCA);

· for the Caribbean, at Trinidad and Tobago, at CARDI, Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute;

· for lusophone Africa, at Cap Verde with the Ministries of Fishery, Agriculture and Rural Animation; of Culture and Communication; and of Education.

Each workshop lasts for two weeks and brings together some fifteen radio professionals from the countries of the region concerned. The radiophonic broadcasts heard and made in the course of the workshops have as a subject in common a theme relating to the rural world: bee-keeping, agroforestry, raising goats, fishing, etc.

· Publishing technical dossiers, in French and in English, for the exclusive benefit of radio journalists and producers of ACP countries. Each information dossier deals with an IST theme and includes both written documentation: specific data, a choice of popularisation interviews, bibliographic references; and auditory material (on cassette): interviews and opinions of specialists and practitioners of the theme in question. Journalists using this service therefore have at their disposal recent, concise, varied data which is suited to the use they wish to make of it. They can therefore make their own radio broadcasts and complete them - by translating them - thanks to the interviews recorded and duplicated on cassette. These dossiers are prepared by the Periscoop and Media Projects agencies.

· Widely distributing Spore, CTA's 2-weekly magazine, in French, English and Portuguese: sixteen pages of information and articles aimed at researchers, journalists, teachers, and all who are responsible for spreading information and for agricultural and rural development.

· Creating a computer database, surveying nearly 400 producers, journalists and heads of rural radio stations and agricultural information services in ACP countries as well as resource persons from all backgrounds who are involved in technical and methodological support to professionals in rural radio.

Continuously updated, this enables us to include you in Spore's distribution list and to inform you of CTA activities. You have in your hands one way in which this database is being put to good use: the list of names and addresses relating to Radio at the service of the rural world in ACP countries .