L'utilisation du silo-fosse et des leçons techniques (Peace Corps, 1974, 70 pages)
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This volume, part of the Program and Training Journal Reprint Series, is integral to Peace Corps efforts to provide technical support to its Volunteers and to share its material on "appropriate technology" with other participants in the international development community. Successful appropriate technologies designed for use in developing countries utilize low cost, locally available resources and provide new methods and approaches that are relevant to the needs of the users. Each Reprint, concentrating on a specific topic, is intended to contribute to PVCs' ability to respond creatively to challenges in the field. By design, many of the volumes chosen for reprinting raise questions. The purpose of this approach is two-fold: first, working with these materials, PCVs will raise additional questions that are crucial to understanding suitable approaches to larger problems of appropriate technology. Second, while supplementing, testing and modifying these materials, Volunteers will continue to develop new techniques and strategies. These questions, developments and adaptations will provide a framework for future resource materials.

Questioning, developing and adapting techniques and strategies are as crucial to the Peace Corps as are cultural sensitivity and the transfer of skills. Recognizing this, Peace Corps has established an Information Collection and Exchange System that in various ways, including the Reprint Series and Manual Series, shares such contributions as broadly as possible. Materials that you prepare and submit to the Information Collection and Exchange will become a part of this System, a permanent contribution to the Peace Corps world--the Volunteers, staff, local development workers and community residents who strive daily to consider alternatives, articulate goals and fulfill the promise of the future.

In order to provide the most effective possible resources, the Information Collection and Exchange must know how this publication is being used and how you feel it can be made even more responsive to your needs. Please submit your suggestions, additions and questions about this publication, other needed information and strategies you have developed, etc., directly to:

Information Collection & Exchange
Office of Multilateral & Special Programs
ACTlON/Peace Coops
806 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, D. C. 20525 U.S.A.

The Reprints and Manuals are available upon request. Your contributions to the Information Collection and Exchange are welcomed: the continuing effectiveness of our individual and collective efforts depends on them. Those who benefit from your contribution will thank you, just as we thank those whose work made the initial reprints, manuals, and other aspects of the information exchange possible.

Information Collection & Exchange
Office of Multilateral & Special Programs