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3.1 FILE

Within [FILE], it is possible to open new parameter files, edit existing files, access the default values, and exit the program. [FILE] can be selected using either the mouse, or by pressing the [Alt] and F keys together. Options within [FILE] can then be selected by using the mouse; using the down arrow key to move the highlighted bar down to the option required and pressing [Enter], or by pressing the [Alt] and the appropriately lettered key together.

File¦Open - can be used to locate and open saved files of input parameters. All input files for Blood 3.0 have the extension NAME.bts. When Blood 3.0 is opened, by default it will open the default parameter file. Existing files can be selected either by using the mouse, or by using the [Tab], arrow and [Enter] keys to move between folders and files.

File¦Save - can, in the same manner, be used to save the current input parameters in the open parameter file. It is not possible to alter the input values assigned to the default file.

File¦Save as ... - can be used to save the current input parameters in a new parameter file, with the extension NAME.bts. This can be used to develop, for example, files of parameter values to represent blood transfusion services in a particular setting.

File¦Print - prints the current data output file.

File¦Exit - exits Blood 3.0.