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close this bookCommunications Framework for HIV/AIDS: A new direction - A UNAIDS/PennState project (Best Practice - Key materials) (UNAIDS, 1999, 101 p.)
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The Team Report

The PRINCIPAL AUTHORS OF THIS RESEARCH REPORT WERE Collins O. Airhihenbuwa, Bunmi Makinwa, Michael Frith, and Rafael Obregon.

Many people and organizations contributed to the content of this report (see page 95 for complete list). Their invaluable suggestions shaped the final document, which will be further adapted by countries and users. We especially wish to acknowledge the contributions of David Fitzsimons, Berl Francis, Sylvia Luciani, Erma Manoncourt, Elaine Murphy, Charles Okigbo, Sirichai Sirikaya, Andrea Verwohlt.

The draft of this document has been presented at several international fora on health and communications, and the discussions and contributions at these fora also shaped the final Framework.

Finally, we wish to express our deepest gratitude to Kathleen Middleton and Iris Dorfman and the editorial and graphic design staff at ToucanEd Publishing company for their thoroughness, thoughtfulness and collegiality in the publication process. The excellent graphic design and representation of key issues in this document is the result of their creativity and professionalism.