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V.5 Theme Group Chair

The Resident Coordinator delegates responsibility to the Theme Group Chair to lead the United Nations response, to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The Chairperson s principal task is to facilitate and support Theme Group efforts towards strengthening national capacities to mount an effective multisectoral response to the epidemic. The Theme Group Chair, who is normally one of UNAIDS six Cosponsor country representatives, is designated by the Resident Coordinator in consultation with other Theme Group members. He/she functions as first level supervisor of the CPA on their behalf. Although the Chair is selected in the first place on the basis of individual capabilities, rotation every one to two years is essential as it will help ensure Cosponsors commitment to the Programme. In order to facilitate this, each Theme Group is encouraged to have a Deputy Chair who can serve as an understudy and alternate for the Chair.


· Does the Chairperson convene and chair meetings of the Theme Group on a regular basis?

· Does the Chair ensure that an annual workplan for the Theme Group is established, implemented and monitored?

· Does the Chairperson liaise and consult, on a regular and frequent basis, with the leadership of the National AIDS Programme?

· Does the Chair undertake advocacy activities on behalf of the Programme, and represent the Theme Group at relevant public functions?

· Does the Chair maintain effective working relationships with the Country Programme Adviserand the Theme Group s Technical Working Group?

· Has the Chairperson taken steps to establish a specific identity for UNAIDS as a cosponsored in-country programme?

· Does the Theme Group have a Deputy Chair?

· Has the Chair been rotated at least once since the establishment of the TG?


· Normally the Chair is the representative of one of the Cosponsors, but in Russia the Theme Group was chaired by UNHCR, whose representative also functioned as Resident Coordinator.

· In The Republic of Moldova the World Bank chairs the Theme Group.

· In Tanzania the Chair is assisted by two co-Chairs and in Mozambique by one co-Chair.

· In a number of cases the Theme Group is chaired by the UNDP Resident Representative, who is also the RC (e.g. Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Cape Verde, Pakistan).

· In Viet Nam and Uganda the Chairperson uses stationery and business cards with a separate UN Theme Group letterhead.

· Membership in the Theme Group in Kenya is restricted to UN agencies. The TG relates to other partners through their membership of the Technical Working Group.

Basic tool kit

· UNAIDS Country Support Briefing Note No. 2