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close this bookGuide to Strategic Planning Process for a National Response to HIV/AIDS: Strategic Plan Formulation (UNAIDS, 1998, 32 p.)
close this folderI. Introduction to strategic plan formulation
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View the documentExample: Philippines National HIV/AIDS Strategy

Example: Philippines National HIV/AIDS Strategy

Guiding principles:

· Multi-sectoral involvement is essential to national and local responses to HIV infection

· The individual rights and responsibilities of people affected by HIV infection and AIDS should be upheld

· People should be empowered to prevent further HIV transmission

· Care and support for persons with HIV should be integrated into existing health and social services

· Universal precautions and utmost safety should be used to minimize the risk of HIV transmission through health procedures

· All HIV antibody tests should be voluntary with guaranteed confidentiality and adequate pre- and post-test counselling

· The formulation of socio-economic development policies and programmes should include consideration of the impact of HIV infection/AIDS

· Resources should be allocated, taking into consideration the unique vulnerabilities of various populations affected by the HIV infection and the impact of AIDS

· Continued efforts should be made to constantly improve HIV-related programmes