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close this bookA Strategic Approach Towards an AIDS-competent Society (Technical Note no.1) (UNAIDS, 2000, 9 p.)
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View the documentStep 1 Creating AIDS competence
View the documentStep 2 The development, by consensus, of a national strategy on HIV/AIDS, based on local responses
View the documentStep 3 Appointing a national facilitator for local responses to HIV/AIDS
View the documentStep 4 Establishing a local responses support team at district level
View the documentStep 5 Understanding the epidemic and identifying key social groups
View the documentStep 6 Developing local partnerships
View the documentStep 7 Learning from action
View the documentStep 8 Sector reforms to enhance sectoral AIDS competence
View the documentStep 9 Encouraging the proliferation of AIDS competence

Step 6 Developing local partnerships

An important task of the local responses support team is to facilitate the development of local partnerships, with a view to attaining a high level of AIDS competence. These partnerships will include members of the key social groups and front-line workers from the different sectors at the sub-district level, and they should be supported in their work by a facilitator. Using a common starting definition of AIDS competence, the partners should develop an action plan for achieving it - working out their specific contributions to the process and the means of evaluating the results. They should also document and exchange experiences from the very beginning.