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close this bookEpidemiological Fact Sheet on HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections: Romania (UNAIDS, 2000, 12 p.)
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Assessment of epidemiological situation - Romania

HIV testing and case reporting: By end 1997, HIV testing was mandatory for STD and TB patients, pregnant women and prostitutes, Data on diagnosed HIV cases are reported at national level since 1992. By end 1999, a cumulative total of 4,399 HIV cases were reported, of which 3210 (73%) in children. HIV prevalence: No information was provided on serosurveys or screening programmes conducted in pregnant women, STD patients or IDU, although HIV sentinel surveillance system has been mentioned in the literature. In 1989 a dramatic epidemic of nosocomial HIV infection was discovered among orphans and hospitalised children. The cumulative number of HIV infected children has been estimated at 10,000.