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The consultation emphasized that, given the available data and remaining gaps in knowledge, the use of a new male or female condom for every act of intercourse will continue to be recommended. However, the consultation recognized the urgent need for guidance to women or couples who are re-using female condoms and potentially placing themselves and their partners at higher risk of pregnancy and/or infection.

The consultation concluded that currently available evidence was not conclusive. Therefore, re-use of the female condom is not recommended. A draft protocol for disinfection, washing, drying, storage and relubrication was formulated and is currently being tested.

This protocol was based on theoretical considerations regarding infection control and the data from the two re-use studies on structural integrity. However, it is not known whether the proposed protocol is safe and effective in eliminating micro-organisms while maintaining the structural integrity of the female condom. Research to evaluate this protocol has already commenced with funding from WHO and findings from these studies are expected in the near future. When these results are available, WHO and UNAIDS will provide further guidance on the safety of re-use of the female condom.

July 2000