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close this bookUNAIDS and Nongovernmental Organizations (Best Practice - Key Material) (UNAIDS, 1999, 40 p.)
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Appendix I: UNAIDS core functions


UNAIDS Secretariat core functions in Geneva

· Overall policy and political guidance

· Support in strategic planning to governments and Theme Groups

· Support to Cosponsors and Country Programme Advisers (CPAs), to help the UN system function in an integrated fashion

· Identification, development and dissemination of best practices globally, and the provision of policy advice at global, regional and national levels

· Development of technical resource networks which should identify, generate and disseminate best practices and provide technical assistance

· Advocacy at the global and regional levels, and support for Theme Groups and CPAs, to enable them to carry out advocacy and resource mobilization at national level

· Tracking the epidemic and the response to the epidemic, and monitoring and evaluating UNAIDS

· Management of CPAs and Intercountry Teams

· Provision of programme and administrative support

Core functions of the NGO Liaison Office in Geneva

· Collaboration and partnership with global and regional NGOs already working with HIV/AIDS, in order to exchange information and examples of best practice, and identify new areas of intervention

· Identification of global and regional NGOs that do not work with HIV/AIDS, to explore possibilities for their involvement in HIV/AIDS work - often in collaboration with NGOs with a track record in this type of work

· Assistance to the NGO delegates to the Programme Coordinating Board (PCB)

· Resource centre for UNAIDS staff in Geneva, for Intercountry Team staff and for Country Programme Advisers (CPAs), so as to facilitate their partnership with NGOs