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close this bookCollaboration with Traditional Healers in HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care in Sub-Saharan Africa - A literature review (UNAIDS, 2000, 64 p.)
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close this folderAIDS and traditional medicine in Africa
View the documentBackground
View the documentThe role of traditional medicine
View the documentHealth policy and traditional medicine in sub-Saharan Africa
close this folderSelected examples of collaboration in HIV/AIDS prevention and care
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View the documentCentral African Republic
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close this folderSelected projects reviewed according to UNAIDS Best Practice criteria
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close this folderAdditional criteria for collaborative projects
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View the documentCriteria for selecting 'genuine' or 'authentic' healers
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close this folderLessons learned
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close this folderAnnexes
View the documentQuestionnaire given to project leaders to determine Best Practices
View the documentTable 1: Summary of documented examples of collaboration in sub-Saharan Africa (1987-1999)
View the documentTable 2: Review of examples of collaboration according to UNAIDS Best Practice criteria
View the documentTable 3: Specific criteria/approach for collaboration
View the documentTable 4: Efficiency calculations for THETA Uganda
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