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close this bookPortugal's African Wars (Tanzania Publishing House Dar Es Salam, 1974, 251 p.)
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Will a 'Second Vietnam' erupt in Southern Africa even sooner than predicted by the authors of this book, and despite the changes in Portugal's colonial policy which have come about as the result of General Spinola's coup in May 1974?

Events happening in quick succession, ignored in the West, confirm the authors' theory equating Portugal to South Vietnam and racialist South Africa to the USA. Even with illegal NATO assistance below the Tropic of Cancer, Portugal cannot halt the sure and protracted struggle of nationalist guerillas.

The authors, who give the most complete description of Portugal's African empire - from its inception to this date - also detail the birth of three nations: Angola, Mozambique and Guinea Bissao. The Liberation Movements are the revolutionary forces, aiming at creating new societies which apartheid, colonialism and imperialism try desperately to suppress in order to survive. The authors also identify the operations of the Western multi-national corporations in exploiting the resources of the Portuguese colonies and thereby explain NATO's material and moral support to enervated Portugal. And in an authoritative analysis, Arslan Humbaraci notes that the 'emergent Black Bourgeois Nationalist Class' is the best ally of Pretoria, Lisbon and their imperialist allies in the West.