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Dear Editor,

On 27th April, 1999, die Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education while addressing delegates at the consultative meeting for the Education Thematic Category categorically stated that “we should not expect to be given anything on a silver plate”.

These words though common are rarely taken seriously especially by those in the development arena. I have since that meeting thought twice about the Permanent Secretary's statement and strongly feel that a word to a wise is enough.

My strength to pursue my organisation's goals has increased. I have knocked on Donors doors including the United Nations and I am now eyeing the United States of America.

I am milking use of every contact I can lay my hands on. The results though small have been forthcoming and a number of Donors have begun noticing, my organisation as a serious and commendable partner in the development of Kumi district.

Hence we have managed to secure some funding from a UN Employees' organisation and at least one per cent funding from a development fund in Geneva Switzerland which we will use for training rural communities in bee keeping.

We have also managed to secure funding from the Mission St. Paul in the Netherlands to be used for education of the disadvantaged. The STIP health programme in Kumi has also assisted us.

Though small amounts, we do appreciate and know for sure that we will manage to fulfil some of our objectives. We are just wondering whether you too out there is striving to look out for opportunities that would enable you and your organisation acquire funds in order to effectively run your programmes and activities.

J.M.S. Omagor, Director
PAMO Volunteers, Kumi

Thank you for 1999 AGM

Dear Editor,

The Management, Staff, Pupils and Board of Directors, United Orphanage School take this opportunity to thank in the biggest way the DENIVA Management at the Secretariat, and the Board of Directors for having organised the 1999 Annual General Meeting, where we were given a chance to hear a lot about what DENIVA had achieved after 10 years.

We also wish to inform the DENIVA Membership that after 10 years of our existence, we too have since managed to buy land where we have built permanent structures to house the primary school and the Vocational Training Centre We have also acquired 16 sewing machines, 14 typewriters, 2 computers and a number of carpentry tools for use during vocational training.

Since the beginning of 1999, we have been privileged to host among others; the Inspector General of Policy, the new auxiliary Bishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Kampala, Bishop Christopher Kakooza and the High Commissioner of the Republic of South Africa - Mr. Raymond Mhlaba.

Mark K. Mugerwa, Chairman Executive Committee

Ibanda Women's Guild to Plant more trees

Dear Editor,

The women of Ibanda Catholic Women's Guild (ICWG) are pleased to inform you that will plant as many trees as possible in order to protect the environment in Ibanda.

Under the leadership of Mrs. Imelda Kahangirwe, the Chairperson, assisted by Mrs. Kafure Florence the Vice Chairperson, Mrs. Kamugisha Mollen the Secretary and Mrs. Behangana Mary, Hie Treasurer, ICWG is determined to ensure that all the Ibanda hills are covered with trees.

So far, about 20 hectares of the hills are covered with various tree species such as eucalyptus, Cyprus, pines, misizi, black wattle and gorgeous graveria.

The women members are proud of their Association's project and do work hard to ensure that it succeeds. The women members also wish to take this opportunity to congratulate DENIVA upon the successful completion of the 1999 Annual General Meeting.

We also thank DENIVA for the assistance rendered to our Association and do look forward to continued support. We further pledge to continue networking as members of DENIVA and also supporting die capacity building component.

By Imelda Kahangirwe, Chairperson.