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close this bookBukusu Folktales (Kenya Literature Bureau, 1986, 134 p.)
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A Hyena Ate His Protector

One day there was a woman who was digging up sweet potatoes in a garden, when a hyena came by running, and approached her with pleas for help. The hyena was panting and sweating profusely. The woman was startled and almost took to flight, but the hyena said to her “Please, do not be afraid, I am running away from the hunters who want to kill me; I beg you to hide me so that they may not find me.”

Without saying a word the frightened woman took up a large basket and covered it over the hyena thereby concealing him completely. Shortly afterwards hunters arrived and enquired from her.

“Have you seen any mischievous hyena pass this way?” The woman replied negatively, “No, no I have not seen any hyena around.”

So the hunters went away saying to her, “It would be foolish of you to conceal a dangerous hyena from us. Be careful, lest it turns on you and eats you up.”

When the hunters were gone the woman lifted the basket on one side and asked the hyena, “Is it true that you can eat me after I have done all this for you?”

The hyena replied, “You that ignores advice, I will eat you!” Then the woman asked again unbelievingly and the hyena gave the same answer. After a short while the hyena asked the woman, “Have the hunters gone away completely?” And the woman replied, “Yes, they have gone.”

There upon the hyena threw off the basket and seized up the woman, and started eating her inspite of her screams and pleas for mercy.