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close this bookPortugal's African Wars (Tanzania Publishing House Dar Es Salam, 1974, 251 p.)
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This book is dedicated to Dr Kenneth Kaunda and Mwalimu Julius Nyerere without whose support the liberation struggle in Southern Africa would not have been where it is today.

I have had the rare privilege of serving both and addressing them as 'Brother' or 'Comrade' President. Some, out of ignorance or malice, may misinterpret the latter term which with men like Kenneth Kaunda and Julius Nyerere takes its full human value. I wish there were more leaders like them, in the West and in the East, for it would be a better world. I am only sorry that in the last two years some elements in Kaunda's Zambian administration, who have conducted a 'dialogue' with South Africa under the table and done their utmost to stab the MPLA in the back, should have isolated Kaunda and misled Zambia into an unholy alliance with General Mobutu of Zaïre.

My friend and co-author Nicole Muchnik joins me in this dedication.