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close this bookBukusu Folktales (Kenya Literature Bureau, 1986, 134 p.)
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A Bull Newt Who Refused to heed his wife's advice

One day a female newt advised her husband to mix with other people and enquire about daily events, so that he would broaden his knowledge of the world around him, and the husband replied that he was not bothered with new events. “Why should I go about enquiring on what is happening in the world?” said he. “I am sufficiently contented sitting here and basking myself in the sun.” The wife kept quiet and went about her household chores.

Soon after a group of hunters passed by and the female newt asked them “What are you looking for?”

And the hunters replied, “We have been to a dance where we were embarrassed with the bursting of the membrane on our harp. We are now looking for an old bull newt from whom we hope to obtain a good skin for mending the harp.”

On hearing that ominous news the old bull newt who was at the time screening himself behind his wife's back, pulled himself pretty fast into the hole and scampared for safety. The wife answered the hunters saying that she had not at all seen any old bull newt around that morning. The puzzled hunters muttered amongst themselves saying “But we honestly seem to have seen the likeness of an old bull newt here when we were approaching from a distance. Maybe it was only a mirage!”

After the hunters had gone, the bull newt popped his head out of the hole and told his wife, “I now agree with you darling. Next time I shall make it a practice to enquire from people what is going on in the world.”