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Review of the first- year course

Introduction to the second- year course

Agriculture is the trade of men and women who farm the land and raise livestock.

The farmer's trade is a difficult one; it is a trade that demands a great deal of work.

It is a trade which has to be learned, becaused nowadays there are many new techniques

Agricultural extension workers and agricultural assistants explain these new techniques to farmers.

With the help of the Better Farming courses you can also gain a better knowledge of farming.

The farmer's trade is the most important trade for many African countries.

It is the farmers who feed all a country's people.

Agriculture is the chief wealth of most African countries.

For example:

Cotton is the chief resource of Chad;
Groundnuts are the chief resource of Senegal;
Cocoa is the chief resource of Cameroon;
Coffee is the chief resource of Ivory Coast.
In almost all African countries the products sold to foreign countries are agricultural products.