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close this bookAgroforestry Extension Manual for Kenya (ICRAF, 1994, 190 p.)
close this folder14. Agroforestry research in Kenya: an overview
View the document14.1. The development of agroforestry research in Kenya
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View the document14.4. KEFRI/KARI/ICRAF Maseno National Agroforestry Research Centre
View the document14.5. KARI/KEFRI/ICRAF Agroforestry Research Project, Embu
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14.5. KARI/KEFRI/ICRAF Agroforestry Research Project, Embu

This project, which began in 1991, is also part of the AFRENA network. The leadership is provided by KARI, and research is carried out in the coffee-based land-use system of the central highlands. The main emphasis is on on-farm research and only technology testing and development is carried out on station.

The main constraints to D&D in this land-use system were identified as:

· Decline in soil fertility
· Soil erosion
· Dry season fodder shortage
· Shortage of firewood and other wood products.

The team conducting the D&D also noted a need to intensify income-generating activities such as fruit production.

Activities carried out so far include:

· An ethno-botanical survey
· The establishment of on-farm fodder trees in fodder plots and multi-storey boundary planting
· Screening of Flemingia macrophylla for soil-erosion control and mulch in coffee
· On-station hedgerow intercropping for soil fertility
· D&D of agroforestry technologies for fodder production and soil fertility
· Monitoring and evaluation of production and marketing of fruit and wood products
· On-station MPT screening
· Establishment of MPTs in mature Napier grass plots
· On-station assessment of new Grevillea germplasm imported from Australia
· Study of the impact of homegardens on household economy
· Factors influencing labour productivity in hedge pruning.