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close this bookA Short Story for Young Readers - Our Escape from School Discovered (Evangeline Ledi Barongo, 1996, 28 p.)
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Now that you have finished reading our story please answer the following questions:

1. What was the name of the school which Olum and his brother attended?

2. What and when did Olum's father work as ?

3. Where was Kiiza's father working?

4. Who gave Olum and his brother sweets?

5. Who used to help Olum to do his home work?

6. How many times in all did the three boys escape from school?

7. What was the real name of the big old building?

8. Did Kiiza ever find out the meaning of the word library?

9. What days are good for school children to visit the Kampala Children's Library?

10. Draw and name five things you see everyday on your way to school.

11. Draw a picture of yourself and the three boys standing in the Headmaster's office.

12. Name the books you have read from The Children's Library.

13. What new words did you learn from this story? List them starting with those you know and then those you do not know.

14. Ask your Class Teacher to explain to you the new words you did not know.

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