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The Old Guards' Circus

(For Jack Mapanje)

Son of my mother
Must we watch
This old age circus?
Are we to see wrinkled lions
Shake their tattered manes
And fling their caked shit at us?
Must we look on as they bare
Their toothless gums
Just because
They are life lions?

Haven't we borne long enough?
As vipers have danced menacingly
Before our own mothers?
Are we eternally called to feast
On the venoms prepared
By skin shedding serpents?

Son of my mother
Should we ever squat
Our bottoms covered in calluses
Our eyes a bed for sores
Gazing sightlessly
As leopards treacherously tear
Our wives to pieces?
Must it always be
In hushed silence
That we stare at stallions
Mount our daughters?

When will day break?
Can we not for once
Watch these blind nocturnal
Swim through their own slime?