Medieval Texts

Texts from and about the Medieval Time Period

by Rebecca Smith

Site located 3/4/97

Site Review of :

This site links you to several other sites that contain documents from the medieval time period. You can pick and choose what documents you wish to view. This Site can be used by people on differing levels of interests and knowledge of the Medieval times. Underneath the titles of the sites available is a brief idea of what the site includes. There are sites in Old Middle English and Old Norse as well as Modern English, and other languages as well. You can also view works in progress from different sources, some include: Project Gutenburg and Ancrene Wisse.

The site is relatively easy to navigate around. The hot button sites are not listed alphabetically so this poses somewhat of a problem if you know exactly what you are looking for. If you don't, then it provides an easy way to browse the texts and see what kind of information is available.

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