Metacrawler Search Engine Review


reviewed by Wendy M. Reynolds, 5/97

Finding information on the web, depending on what one is looking for, can be pretty simple or pretty difficult. Because there are so many different search engines (Lycos, Excite, Yahoo, etc.) it may take forever to go through them individually looking for information on a topic; even then, after using all of these search engines, you still may have nothing. An aid to this problem is the search engine, Metacrawler.

Metacrawler searches all of the major search engines at one time and combines the results for you. This of course, is not an absolute solution, however, I have found Metacrawler to be extremely useful in my search for sites relevant to what I am searching for. Metacrawler is also useful because it will give you enough information, but it will (in my experience, at least) give you hundreds of results--most of which usually have nothing to do with what you’re searching for. Metacrawler is just as simple to use as all of the other search engines, it simply explores more than one data base, giving you the greatest number results possible.

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