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View the documentCarrie Chapman Catt, An Open Letter to the D.A.R., The Woman Citizen 9-27
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View the documentCatherine E. Marshall to Jane Addams, 10-5-21 & WILPF Manifesto on Disarmament, 1921
View the documentCatt, "Lies-At-Large," June 1927
View the documentCatt, "Poison Propaganda," 31 May 1924
View the documentCatt, "The Lie Factory," 20 September 1924
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View the document"Club Work Among Negro Women," Progress of a Race
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View the document Common Purposes for Fasting During the Middle Ages By Tamara C. Willis self-discipline priva
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View the document A Comparative Essay on Fasting Among Medieval and Contemporary Religious Women By Tamara C. Willis
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View the documentCorrespondence between Annie Nathan Meyer and Booker T. Washington, 1909
View the documentCorrespondence between Booker T. Washington and Maud Nathan, 1909
View the documentCorrespondence Between Helen C. Travis & Jane Addams, May & June 1924
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View the documentCostume for a 12th Century Lady
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View the document Courtliness as Heresy A. Kleinbach To those who viewed courtliness as heresy, troubadours "sa
View the document Courtliness as Heresy A. Kleinbach To those who viewed courtliness as heresy, troubadours "sa
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View the documentCourtly Love & Prostitutes
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