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close this bookGuidelines on the Use of Insecticide - Treated Mosquito Nets for the Prevention and Control of Malaria in Africa (WHO - OMS, 1997, 88 p.)
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These guidelines cover the technical, operational/managerial, policy and political aspects of large-scale ITMN implementation and are intended:

i) to provide preliminary guidance for the large-scale implementation of ITMNs within the framework of the Global Malaria Control Strategy;

ii) to serve as a basis for the development of county-specific handbooks adapted to national/local needs; and

iii) to be used to develop training materials on specific aspects of ITMN programme implementation.

These guidelines will be field evaluated and modified, based on practical experience gained in their implementation and the research findings. The contents of this draft document are thus far from prescriptive. As the potential usefulness of other insecticide-treated materials such as curtains and hammocks is not yet fully established, the focus here is on insecticide-treated mosquito nets (ITMN). Relevant aspects may however be extrapolated for the use of other materials.