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22. Severe complicated measles - hospital care 3 - isolation of children

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Measles is a highly infectious disease and spreads rapidly amongst children who have not had the disease and amongst those who have not been immunized against measles.

· Do not leave in the public waiting area children with fever and rash suspected of having measles. If possible, provide a special isolation room for them.

· Isolate children admitted to hospital with measles for at least 4 days after the rash appears. This will limit the spread of the measles virus. Isolation should be as effective as resources permit. Ideally measles patients should be kept in their own ward away from other patients.

· Isolate malnourished and immune-compromised children with measles during the whole illness, since they may excrete the virus for a long time.

· Immunize with measles vaccine all children from 6 months of age who are admitted to hospital. For children receiving a dose before 9 months, it is essential that a second dose be given as soon after 9 months of age as possible.