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Technical requirements

The minimum computer requirements to implement the Warehouse Management Module are as follows:

Computer Requirements


386 or above


4 Mb



Disk Operating System (DOS)

5.0 or above

Free space on disk

10 Mb (minimum)


80 and 132 columns

Floppy disk unit

3.5 in., 1.44 MB

2. Check your CONFIG.SYS, to ensure that it indicates: (FILES=50) and (BUFFERS=40). Make necessary changes and reset the computer.

3. If you wish to use a mouse, verify that MOUSE.COM or a similar control has been loaded by the AUTOEXEC.BAT file. If it has not been, install the manufacturer's software, or verify its existence on the hard disk and modify the AUTOEXEC.BAT with the proper path.

4. Verify that the time and date reported are correct, using the DOS commands DATE and TIME. This is important because the program uses these data when recording or searching for information.

5. Check the available space on the hard drive. If it does not have the minimum requirement the program will not start up and you will see an error message.

6. To the extent possible, it is recommended that the computer in which the warehouse management module is installed, be used only for this purpose. It is possible to have word processing, label preparation, calculation, and other necessary support software on this computer.