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Save Natalie! The preparedness game

The game on the next two pages is about how to protect yourself from natural disasters. If you look at the middle square on the game board, you will find a 10-year old girl called Natalie sitting under a table. What is she doing? Why is she under the table? Play the game and you will find the answer to this question!


Number of players

2 or more

Things you need

· the game board

· 2 dice

· a different marker for each player

· 1 stack of 10 supply cards. (You can make more cards if you have many players.)

· 1 stack of 6 task cards (cut out from page 11)

How to play

Each player starts with a marker in square number 1. Follow the spiral in a clockwise direction by moving the number of squares shown on the dice. The youngest player starts.
The first player to reach the center, and save Natalie, with the exact number shown on the dice is the winner. if the number on the dice does not put you directly in the winning square, move backwards the number your dice show.

Helpful Squares

Squares with Natalie: You can take a supply card or roll again. If there are no more supply cards left, roll again.

Trouble Squares

Squares with lightning: Go back to the beginning and start over.

Black Square

Square in black: Stay two turns or give the supply store a flashlight and batteries supply card.

Broken Window

Squares with a broken window: Stay two turns or give the supply store a shoe supply card.

Disaster Squares

Squares with multiple natural disasters: Take a task card. Follow the instructions, then put the card on the bottom of the deck.

Squares with a single natural disaster: Wait one turn or give two supply cards.


Supply Cards

Task Cards

What supplies do you need in case of a disaster?

(Clean water, food, flashlight and fresh batteries, first aid kit, shoes, dry clothes, blanket.)

If you guessed five of the items, roll again, otherwise wait one turn.

You are outside in a storm and cannot find shelter. Sit on your heels, cover your head and stay still for 1 turn.

Earthquake! You wake up in the morning and feel the room shaking. Go to square 11.

The river is flooding the basement of your house is already filled with flood water! Go to square 19.

You have heard an earthquake warning. Plan together with your family where to meet if you get separated during the earthquake. Wait 1 turn and go to square 34.

You have a flashlight, but forgot to check the batteries. Use a flashlight supply card to get fresh batteries or go back to square 3.

UNICEF United Nations Children's Fund

This section was prepared and sponsored by UNICEF as a contribution to IDNDR Day 1995.