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close this bookCommunicable Diseases - Information Resources - 1999-2000 - N°2 - June 2000 (WHO - OMS, 2000, 21 p.)
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Pesticides (WHOPES)

Manual for indoor residual spraying, Application of residual sprays for vector control, Global collaboration for development of pesticides for public health (GCDPP), English


Global collaboration for development of pesticides for public health (GCDPP), Challenges of Chagas disease vector control in Central America, English


Safety of pyrethroid-treated mosquito nets, Fact sheet, English


Report of the third WHOPES working group meeting, 23-24 September 1999, English


Cockroaches, their biology, distribution, and control, English


DRAFT, Guideline specifications for bacterial larvicides for public health use, Report of a WHO informal consultation, 28-30 April 1999, English


Safe and effective use of household insecticide products, Guide for the production of educational and training materials, English


Global collaboration for development of pesticides for public health (GCDPP), Past and present of Chagas vector control and future needs, English