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close this bookCommunicable Diseases - Information Resources - 1999-2000 - N°2 - June 2000 (WHO - OMS, 2000, 21 p.)
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The WHO Communicable Diseases Cluster (CDS) established an Information Resource Centre in September 1999 to house in one location all the information materials produced by its various departments in order to facilitate access by WHO's partners and the research community. This second issue of CDS information resources brings together details of all documents published by CDS from January 1999 to May 2000. The Centre does, of course, have many earlier documents and other sources of information on infectious diseases. Please do not hesitate to contact us at the address given on the inside front cover for any materials you seek.

Entries are organized alphabetically by broad subject (disease or activity), and list the most recent documents first. The reference number is given for each document and its availability in various languages is indicated where appropriate.

Electronic copies

The full texts of many CDS documents are currently available online through the WHO website. The addresses of specific sites are listed on the inside back cover of this document. The sites also provide relevant information about infectious diseases and WHO activities in that area.

How to request printed copies

Requests should be sent to the CDS Information Resource Centre at the address given on the inside front cover.

Each request should state clearly:

· the title of the document
· the reference number
· the language
· the complete mailing address, fax/email address and telephone number of the recipient.

Additional information

The CDS Information Resource Centre maintains a mailing list for infectious diseases. If you would like to be included, please send your name and mailing address and indicate your specific areas of interest.