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close this bookSupplies and Equipment. Price Estimates, Standard Items in Common Use (WHO - OMS, 1998, 26 p.)
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11. Sterilization

(Note: Inclusion in this list does not imply WHO recommendation.)



Estimated cost

Sterilizer, non electric, complete with syringe rack,


Safety plugs and Instruction manual


Single rack, capacity 4.4 Litres

$ 95.00


Double rack, non electric, capacity 9 L

$ 110.00

PHC sterilizer kit, non electric, complete with syringe rack, safety plugs, sterilizer bowl, spare gaskets, carrying bag and instruction manual



Single rack, capacity 4.4 L

$ 110.00


Double rack, capacity 9 L

$ 130.00


Sterilizer, hot air, electric, 50-200° C, 60 L, ID. 530×365×325 mm with 2 SS shelves


$ 545.00


Autoclave, Melag type 15, 220V 50C, 1560W


$ 1’650.00

chamber size 150×380 mm, outer size 460×410×340 mm


Autoclave, KSG type 110, 230V 50C, 800W chamber size 125×350 mm, outer size 280×320×390 mm


$ 1’450.00

Note: Items related to AIDS are incorporated throughout this list; they are identified by an “A” in the left-hand margin.