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Publication Series - Health Policy Unit

The following is a complete list of titles in the EPC Publication Series. The cost per issue is £4.00, £5.00 ($US 10) including postage. Payment should be by sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank, sterling eurocheque, banker's draft or UNESCO coupon and payable to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. We CANNOT accept sterling cheques drawn on a non-UK bank.

For non-sterling payments bank charges of £10.00 ($US 20) are payable in addition.

Publications will be despatched on receipt of full payment.

All enquiries should be addressed to:-

The Health Policy Unit
Department of Public Health and Policy
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Keppel Street, London WC1E 7HT
United Kingdom

Tel: 0171 927 2431
Fax: 0171 637 5391

No. 1.*

Community health education in developing countries: a historical review with a selected annotated bibliography (Walt, Constantinides)

Summer 1984

No. 2.*

District health planning and management: developments required to support primary health care (Vaughan, Mills, Smith)

Autumn 1984

No. 3.*

Economic evaluation of health programmes in developing countries: a review and selected annotated bibliography (Mills, Thomas)

Winter 1984

No. 4.*

Health interview surveys in developing countries: a methodological review with recommendations for future surveys (Ross, Vaughan)

Winter 1984

No. 5.

Health and the urban poor in developing countries: a review and selected annotated bibliography (Harpham, Vaughan, Rifkin)

Spring 1985

No. 6.*

Women and health: a review of parts of sub-Saharan Africa with a selected annotated bibliography (Rutabanzibwa-Ngaiza, Heggenhougen, Walt)

Summer 1985

No. 7.

Issues in immunization in developing countries (Dick)

Autumn 1985

No. 8.

Essential drugs: a review and annotated bibliography (Mamdani, Walker)

Winter 1985

No. 9.*

Health sector financing: estimating health expenditure in developing countries (Cumper)

Spring 1986

No. 10.

Health and health services for plantation workers: four case studies (Laing)

Summer 1986

No. 11.*

A review of supplementary feeding programmes in refugee and famine populations (Godfrey)

Autumn 1986

No. 12.

Paying for the health sector: a review and annotated bibliography of the literature on developing countries (Hoare, Mills)

Winter 1986

No. 13.

Options for diarrhoeal diseases control: the cost and cost-effectiveness of selected interventions for the prevention of diarrhoea (Phillips, Feachem, Mills)

Spring 1987

No. 14.*

Acceptability of childhood immunization: social science perspectives. A review and annotated bibliography (Heggenhougen, Clements)

Summer 1987

No. 15.

Government health care charges: is equity being abandoned? A discussion paper (Gilson)

Spring 1988

No. 16.

Community health workers: policy and practice in national programmes. A review with selected annotations (Walt)

Spring 1988

No. 17.

Health economics for developing countries: A survival kit (Mills, Gilson)

Summer 1988

No. 18.

Traditional medicine and primary health care (Heggenhougen, Sesia-Lewis)

Summer 1988

No. 19.

Vitamin A supplementation and child survival: A review and selected annotated bibliography (Mamdani, Ross)

Winter 1988

No. 20.

Health economics for developing countries
Training material (Gilson) ...special issue £10.00
Extra postage - £2.00 UK, £5.00 Europe, £8.00 Worldwide

Spring 1989

No. 21.

Human resource development: the management, planning and training of health personnel
A review with selected annotations (Simmonds, Bennett-Jones)

Autumn 1989

No. 22.

Medical anthropology and primary health care An introduction and selected annotated bibliography (Heggenhougen, Draper)

Spring 1990

* Out of print