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Some major disasters of the 90s

Disasters can happen almost anywhere. Below are a few examples of very big disasters of the 1990s. By copying the disaster symbols on these pages, can you draw on the map where these disasters happened? Can you draw which big disasters happened in your country?


What is a...

Flood · Too much water in the wrong place
1995, 1993 Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium
1994, 1991 China 1993 Cambodia, Viet Nam
1993 Central USA

Drought · Much less water than people or crops need
1992-93 Southern Africa
1992 Peru

Landslide · Rocks and soil sliding rapidly downhill
1993 Ecuador

Earthquake · Sudden violent shaking of the earth
1995 Kobe, Japan
1994 Los Angeles, USA
1993 Cairo, Egypt
1992 Erinzcan, Turkey

Volcanic Eruption · Burst of rock, ash, gases and/or flowing lava from deep inside the earth
1994 Rabaul, Papua New Guinea
1991 Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines

Tropical cyclone · Heavy rain and strong winds over sea and coasts. They are also called hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons.
1994 Typhoon Fred: China, Taiwan
1993 Cyclone Kina: Fiji
1992 Hurricane Andrew: Caribbean States, USA
1991 Chittagong, Bangladesh

Tornado · Strong, funnel-shaped windstorm, spinning over land in a narrow path
1994 Midwestern USA

Tsunami · Series of big sea waves that crash onto coasts
1992 Flores Island, Indonesia
1992 Western Nicaragua

Wildfire · A big fire which spreads over large areas and is out of control.
1994 New South Wales, Australia
1993 Mongolia

Pest Attacks · Large numbers of insects or animals that destroy crops
1990-1994 Tanzania
1993 India, Pakistan, Afghanistan
1992 Ethiopia