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close this bookGuidelines for safe disposal of unwanted pharmaceuticals in and after emergencies (WCC - ECHO - ICRC - IFRC - FIP - ISWA - MSF - UNHCR - Oxfam - PSF - UNICEF - UNDP - WHO/EDM, 1999, 36 p.)
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Approval and sanctioning of disposal of pharmaceuticals must be sought from the appropriate authority. This authority will differ from country to country and may be the department responsible for pharmaceutical management within the ministry of health, the drug regulatory authority, or the regional or local health authority (pharmaceutical officer). In some countries the ministry of the environment should be involved. The guidelines are particularly useful in emergency situations or for countries in transition where official regulations have not yet been developed. In non-emergency situations when significant quantities of donated pharmaceuticals are disposed of, for whatever reason, it may be necessary and judicious to inform the donor.