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Other publications about drug donations

Many articles on drug donations appeared in the lay and scientific press. The following, several of which have already been mentioned, are the most important examples, but the list is not exhaustive.

A. Purvis. The goodwill pill mess. TIME, 29 April 1996: 39.
Mentioned for the first time to the general public that not all drug donations were appropriate, quoting one example from Africa in detail; announced the new Guidelines.

H. V. Hogerzeil, M. R. Couper & R. Gray. Guidelines for drug donations. British Medical Journal 1997; 314: 737-740.
Presented the need for drug donation guidelines, and the Guidelines themselves.

P. Berckmans et al. Inappropriate drug-donation practices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1992 to 1996. New England Journal of Medicine 1997; 337(25): 1842-1845.
Reported an estimated 17,000 metric tons of accumulated unusable and/or expired donated drugs and medical supplies (the figure was later challenged).

J. Rovner. Substandard Bosnia drug donations challenged in US Congress. Lancet 1998; 351: 275.
Reported on a discussion in the United States Congress on tax reductions for drug donations, in reaction to the article in the New England Journal of Medicine.

S. Nemecek. Not what the doctor ordered. Scientific American, April 1998: 31-32.
Mentioned examples of inappropriate donations and the need for the Guidelines.

N. Rehlis. "Yes" to help, "no" to waste. Bulletin Medicus Mundi 1998; 68: 11-12.
Reported on experiences with donations in India.

G. Crooks. Drug donation: protecting industry philanthropy. Pharmaceutical Executive, August 1998: 66-76.
Analysed the background of how some large industry drug donations turned into negative publicity. Largely represented thinking in the United States but failed to correct misconceptions.