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A bridge between Greenstone and DSpace (2005)
I.H. Witten, D. Bainbridge, R. Tansley, C.-Y. Huang and K. Don
Working Paper No. 02/2005
Making oral history accessible over the World Wide Web (1998)
D. Bainbridge and S.J. Cunningham
Working Paper No. 98/18
Managing multiple collections, multiple languages, and multiple media in a distributed digital library (1998)
I.H. Witten, R.J. McNab, S.R. Jones, S.J. Cunningham, D. Bainbridge and M.D. Apperley
Working Paper No. 98/9
Melody based tune retrieval over the World Wide Web (1998)
D. Bainbridge, R.J. McNab and L.A. Smith
Working Paper No. 98/17
Musical image compression (1997)
D. Bainbridge and S.J. Inglis
Working Paper No. 97/25
Using compression to identify acronyms in text (2000)
S.A. Yeates, D. Bainbridge and I.H. Witten
Working Paper No. 00/1

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