A sight-singing tutor (1997)
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Stacking bagged and dagged models (1997)
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Stepwise refinement of processes (2005)
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Strategies of internationalisation and localisation: a postmodernist’s perspective (1997)
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Subscription tree pruning: a structure-independent routing optimization for general-purpose publish/subscribe systems (2006)
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A survey of software requirements specification practices in the New Zealand software industry (1999)
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The syntax and semantics of m-Charts (2004)
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Tag based models of English text (1997)
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A taxonomy of model-based testing (2006)
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Text categorization using compression models (2000)
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Toward a theory of music information retrieval queries: system design implications (2002)
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Towards a TIP 3.0 service-oriented architecture: interaction design (2005)
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Unifying state and process determinism (2004)
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Usability and open source software (2002)
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Usability discussions in open source development (2004)
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Usability testing: a Malaysian study (1997)
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Use of video shadow for small group interaction awareness on a large interactive display surface (2002)
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Using compression to identify acronyms in text (2000)
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Using keyphrases as search result surrogates on small screen devices (2003)
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Using model trees for classification (1997)
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Visualizing class probability estimators (2003)
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VQuery: a graphical user interface for Boolean query specification and dynamic result preview (1998)
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Weka: practical machine learning tools and techniques with Java implementations (1999)
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ZML:XML support for standard Z (2002)
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Working Paper No. 11/02

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