2004 Usability discussions in open source development (2004)
M.B. Twidale and D.M. Nichols
Working Paper No. 08/2004
Unifying state and process determinism (2004)
S.V. Reeves and D. Streader
Working Paper No. 02/2004
The syntax and semantics of m-Charts (2004)
G.R. Reeve and S.V. Reeves
Working Paper No. 04/2004
"Please turn ON your mobile phone" - first impressions of text-messaging in lectures (2004)
M. Jones and G. Marsden
Working Paper No. 07/2004
Open issues in Semantic Query Optimization in relational DBMS (2004)
B. Genet and A. Hinze
Working Paper No. 10/2004
Mining data streams using option trees (revised edition, 2004) (2004)
G. Holmes, R.B. Kirkby and B. Pfahringer
Working Paper No. 03/2004
Language switching in a digital library (2004)
T.T. Keegan, S.J. Cunningham and K. Don
Working Paper No. 13/2004
Event notification services: analysis and transformation of profile definition languages (2004)
D. Jung and A. Hinze
Working Paper No. 12/2004
Ensembles of nested dichotomies for multi-class problems (2004)
E.T. Frank and S. Kramer
Working Paper No. 06/2004
Design and analysis of an efficient distributed event notification service (2004)
S. Bittner and A. Hinze
Working Paper No. 11/2004
DeepDocument: use of a multi-layered display to provide context awareness in text editing (2004)
M. Masoodian, S. McKoy, W.J. Rogers and D. Ware
Working Paper No. 05/2004
Bayesian network classifiers in Weka (2004)
R. Bouckaert
Working Paper No. 14/2004
Atomic components (2004)
S.V. Reeves and D. Streader
Working Paper No. 01/2004
Analyzing library collections with starfield visualizations (2004)
J.A. Sánchez, M.B. Twidale, D.M. Nichols and N.N. Silva
Working Paper No. 09/2004

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