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Posted 20 July 1998


This section of the Network's site is updated monthly to provide information about - and Internet access to - selected resource materials that complement our Theme articles. These materials are meant to assist ACC Network Thematic Groups as they develop and implement activities in support of rural development and food security.

Sustainable livelihoods: an operational vehicle for sustainable human development
ACC Task-Force on Full Employment and Sustainable Livelihoods | Sustainable Livelihoods Programme, Pakistan | Social Mobilisation for Sustainable Livelihoods for the Poor and Disadvantaged (SMSL) | Sustainable Livelihoods Research Programme | Community Adaptation and Sustainable Livelihoods (CASL) | Participatory research for sustainable livelihoods | Social innovation towards sustainable livelihoods for youth | Integration of SARD into agricultural policies | Database on national legislation

Natural Resource and Environmental Management (NREM) for food security
Land Quality Indicators (LQI) Program | Land quality indicators and their use in sustainable agriculture and rural development | UNESCO's programmes in environmental and eustainable development | Environment and development in Turkey | Environmental management in Uganda | FAO environmental impact guidelines | Agricultural biodiversity and farm-based food security | Global Environment Information Center | Farmer-centered Agricultural Resource Management Programme | Water resources development management in FAO | Meetings on sustainable development and environment, 1998-1999 | Community forestry

Building a pluralistic network: encouraging civil society participation in country-level Thematic Groups
World Development Report 1997: "The state in a changing world" | Popular Coalition to Eradicate Hunger and Poverty | United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service | Expert meeting on civil society involvement in follow-up to World Food Summit | NGO Forum on Food Security | Pluralism and sustainable forestry | Internet and rural development

World Food Summit and IFADEVAL
World Food Summit: Report, Rome Declaration, technical background papers, food security bibliographies | IFADEVAL: Evaluation Knowledge System, General Evaluation Forum, ACC Evaluation Knowledge WEB

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