[greenstone-users] searches in languages with glotell stops

From Lost Samoan (Corporate)
DateMon, 31 Jul 2006 15:29:08 +1000
Subject [greenstone-users] searches in languages with glotell stops

Greetngs All,


One of the sample collections I have uses Samoan Language.


Samoan language uses punctuation (glottal stops) to assist with pronunciation.  An example is <Fa‘a‘aimago> and this is not an uncommon structure.


My issue is that this use of apostrophes near renders Greenstone’s search capabilities as useless.  Searching for the sample word above:

  1. If you search “Fa’a’aimago” you end up with all “a”, plus all “fa”, plus all “aimago” listed in the search results (Greenstone uses punctuation as a separator).
  2. If you search “Faaaimago” you end up with zero search results. (Greenstone cannot recognize the de-punctuated word)


I know that it is possible for Greenstone to handle this correctly, because it is done for Hawaiian glottal stops in the Ulukau collections (http://www.ulukau.org).  I have tried to make contact with them, but have received no responses.


Has anyone worked with any other language that creates this type of issue? 





Colin Murfett