[greenstone-users] AZlist documents appear twice

From Lost Samoan (Corporate)
DateSun, 23 Jul 2006 19:14:18 +1000
Subject [greenstone-users] AZlist documents appear twice



I’m stumped after hours trying to fix this.  I have a collection of two vocabularies, one page per language letter.  I use an AZlist to present the pages by language>letter.  The issue is that for one (only) of the languages each page appears twice in the AZList.


This does not happen in the other Classifier (generic) List I use, not in the SearchVlist.  Just this one AZlist!


I have looked at the metadata and it is not the ex.language influencing the outcome.  I deleted all the HASHxxx archives to prevent old-linking. I rebooted my PC.  I deleted and re-added the AZList classifier, deleted are re-added the AZList formatting.  There is only one copy of the pages in the ‘gathered’ data.


I have reread the collect.cfg (copied below) and am stumped.  Any advice anyone (please!)?




creator           libraries@southpachosting.net

maintainer  libraries@southpachosting.net

public            true


indexes           document:text

defaultindex      document:text


classify    AZCompactList -metadata dc.Language -sort dc.Title -buttonname "browse by language"


classify    GenericList -metadata Title -sort_leaf_nodes_using dc.Language -partition_type_within_level per_letter -buttonname "browse by letter" -always_bookshelf_last_level 


format DocumentHeading "<img src=\"file:///C|/Program Files/Greenstone/collect/dictiona/images/SNcomsmaller89a.gif\" width=\"300\" height=\"43\" alt=\"samoanews.com\"><br>

<font size=3><i>Dictionary brought to you compliments Samoa News</i><br></font>

<font size=1>Copyright Osini Faleatasi, Inc. dba Samoa News reserves all rights</font>"


format DocumentButtons "Detach|Highlight"


format HList "[link]<font size=5>[ex.Title]</font>[/link]  -



format SearchVList "<td valign=\"top\"><font size=3>[dc.Language]    </font>[link]<b><font size=5>\' [ex.Title] \'  </b></font>[/link][/link]</td>





format VList "{If}{[numleafdocs],<td valign=\"top\">[link]<b><font size=10>[ex.Title]  </b></font>[/link]</td>,

<td valign=\"top\">[link]<b><font size=5>[dc.Language] </b></font>[/link]</td>}





format DocumentText "{IF}{[dc.Title],<font size=10><b> [dc.Title]</b></font></b><font size=6>  ([dc.Language])</font>}<br><br>



format CL1VList "<td valign=\"top\">[link]<b><font size=5> [ex.Title]  </b></font>[/link]</td>





plugin            HTMLPlug

plugin            GAPlug

plugin            ArcPlug

plugin            RecPlug -use_metadata_files






Colin J. Murfett